Car Suspension Repair

Car Suspension Repair

Car Suspension Repair

The suspension system of a vehicle is one of the most essential parts of the mechanical hardware, since it keeps you safe on the road. Thus, it is crucial to be careful and pay attention to your vehicle’s suspension system to avoid the possible accidents. When you notice that your vehicle is not working right or behaves abnormally, then, you should immediately turn to a suspension repair shop.

Suspension Repair Shop – Suspension Service

As was already mentioned, the main functions of the suspension system are to make your ride comfortable and safe even on the bumpiest roads. Therefore, it is important to trust your vehicle’s repair to professional and experienced technicians. In fact, the car suspension repair is one of the most widely spread types of repairs that technicians perform. But, without the correct and appropriate tools, many of the common repairs made to the vehicle would be in vain. The Euro Collision Centers is specialized in performing high quality suspension repair of vehicles of all types. The experienced car repair specialists of the

Euro Collision Centers will make your vehicle «feel» like a brand-new one. Before beginning any repairs, our specialists inspect the suspension system of your vehicle thoroughly to make the proper changes. Our technicians have the required knowledge, experience and repair equipment for completing even the most complex repairs.

  • Diagnostics;
  • Shocks/Struts;
  •  Ball Joints;
  •  Leaf Springs;
  •  Coil Springs;
  •  Driving Axles;
  •  Air Ride Systems;
  •  Performance Shocks and Struts;
  •  Alignments (wheel alignment/car alignment/etc.);
  •  Lifting and Lowering.

Suspension Diagnosis

The suspension system is very complicated, and different vehicles have various types of suspension systems, each of which has its own peculiarities. The best way to begin your diagnosis is to perform a thorough and complete inspection of the system. Generally, the suspension diagnosis is made up of the following steps:

  • Visual Inspection

An experienced specialist knows how to discover many items that need attention by performing a good visual inspection. A visual inspection starts by looking over the entire vehicle.


  •  Ride Height

Over time, the springs of a vehicle age and weaken leading to a vehicle ride height decrease. There are various ways to check the ride height of a vehicle. However, the most common one is measuring the height from the ground to the bottom.


  • Tire Wear Reading

The ability to read the tire wear is another important step to take into account while performing inspection. The wear on a tire can provide a lot of information about the vehicle’s condition and how well it is maintained.


  • Test Drive

A test drive is often necessary to determine and remove the cause of a vehicle’s noise or vibration. This is one of the most common steps used by many technicians.

Suspension Repair Estimate

The Euro Collision Centers is a leading suspension repair shop with years of experience. The professional auto suspension specialists of the Euro Collision Centers provide solutions tailored to your needs. We know that everything we use while repairing and restoring your vehicle will hold up for many years. Our customers can fully feel secure with us, since our qualified experts won’t return the car until it is thoroughly inspected. Also, ECC offers a free online estimate for your car suspension repair.

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