When you are choosing an auto body shop, there are several things that you should take into consideration. The quality of service, proximity, and customer service are all important factors, but there’s another thing that you should look out for.

The auto body shop that you choose should offer an array of automotive services so you can find all you need in one place. After all, when your car suffers an accident, the last thing you want is to drive it from one place to another to get it the help it needs. This can incur further damage to your car, and frankly, it might not even be safe for you to drive a vehicle that hasn’t been examined by an auto expert.

So what are some of the most common automotive services your auto body shop should offer? Let’s find out.

Auto Collision Repair

Auto collision repair entails the services of expert technicians who will fix the damaged parts of your vehicle. This could be a result of an accident, weather damage or other. As a general rule, auto collision repair encompasses dent removal, auto glass replacement, auto detailing, removing scratches, and fixing damaged doors or panels.

When you opt for auto collision repair, you’re basically looking for an auto body shop that can revive your car to its original state, i.e., before the damage. Collision repair ranges from minor damage to extensive destruction, so your chosen auto repair shop should be prepared for both possibilities.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless dent repair is a non-invasive strategy that can remove dents and dings from your car’s body without the use of paint coating. PDR is most often used for minor damage, which is fairly common for auto owners. This is why your chosen auto repair shop must provide this service.

PDR can be used to restore a car as long as the paint is still intact. There are specialized tools used to push out dings or dents that may be caused by hail damage, a minor accident or others. Maintain your car’s resale value with this quick technique.


When our vehicle gets into an accident, the first that suffers is its paint. Scratched paint does not only look bad but also depreciates your car’s resale value, and that’s the last thing you want. Cars often experience scratches, bubbles and faded paint, which requires some refinishing and fresh painting.

This is why it is important that your chosen auto repair shop provides this service. While many people think they can just paint their car at home, a professional would ensure the paint is even and smooth, something which is unlikely to achieve with a DIY auto paint job.

All-in-One Auto Body Shop

Choose an auto body shop that is able to provide these basic services that will come in handy every now and then. This way, you can evade the hassle of taking your car from mechanic to mechanic to get it the complete service that it deserves.