Accidents, wear and tear, and weather conditions can cause scratches on your car, ruining the coating of paint. Instead of opting for mechanical repairs, you can simply opt for an auto paint job that will give your vehicle a brand new look, repair marks and scratches, as well as boost its resale value.

But you can only take advantage of these benefits of an auto paint job if your auto body shop does a thorough job. Sometimes, you can get stuck with a bad auto paint job. While some flaws are overt and obvious, others are more subtle and hard to spot.

Before you make the final payment, look for the following signs of a poor auto paint job that will help you differentiate quality work from cheap techniques.


This is the most common error that auto owners experience after an auto paint job. You may see drips, dried streaks and sags on the car’s surface that hint towards a poor brush and roller technique or a heavy hand while painting. These are punctuated by shadowing under the sags/runs.


Overspray or ‘excess paint’ is when any particulate sits on top of the car’s clear coat. It is a sign that the car hasn’t been properly masked for spot repair. This results in a rough and gritty texture on the car upon touch. Overspray can be evident in some spots or on the entirety of the vehicle, giving the car an uneven coat and appearance.

Improper Substrate Repair

If the car’s finish is not consistent, showing signs of orange peeling, it is probably because the repairs underneath the paint were not performed correctly or not finished using the right grade of sandpaper.

Bleeding Stains

You may notice that the stains will bleed through the finished coat of paint over time. This is indicative of the fact that the stains were not properly masked by a primer.


If you see a texture like several small dots and specks on the car’s body, it may be a sign that the wrong paint roller brush was used to perform the job.

Inconsistent Color

A mismatched color will make the surface of your car look uneven and blotchy. These signs indicate that the mechanic did not prime the surface before painting the car and did not correctly match the shade to the car’s original color.

How to Avoid a Poor Auto Paint Job?

While the minor issues resulting from a poor auto paint job can be fixed, you can avoid this hassle and extra costs by choosing the right auto body shop in Los Angeles for your paint job. A professional company will use the relevant equipment, matching shade and employ the right techniques to ensure your car receives a smooth and shiny coat of paint.