Even if you are a safe driver, it is near impossible to avoid damage to your vehicle. With May approaching in the Great Plain states, your car is susceptible to hail damage. Hail varies in size, shape, and hardness and may cause dents to appear in your car’s body.

While some hailstones are smooth and almost spherical, others are jagged and elliptical, causing damage to the car. Hardness also plays an essential factor. The harder the hailstone, the greater its ability to dent vehicle panels.

Hailstone damage is usually a result of the wind. The surfaces facing the wind may receive a higher blow, which is why you’re likely to see one side of the car significantly damaged while the other may have very minimal damage.

Either way, recognizing hail damage can help you get the best auto repair service for your car.

Signs of Hail Damage

Any vehicle left exposed to a storm is likely to receive hail damage. Once the weather is safe to go out, look for the following signs of hail damage to get your car the best treatment.

  • Conical dents with shallow sides
  • Dents with no loss of paint
  • Dented or jammed doors or side mirrors
  • Chipped or cracked windshield, mirrors or windows
  • Water damage inside the car due to broken glass
  • Irregular dents on the side panels, roof, trunk or doors

While these are the usual signs of hail damage, most auto body shops offer free car inspections to recognize hail damage and get you an estimate of the repair if you are still unsure.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage can be unavoidable at times. To renew your car’s appearance, you will need to entail the services of a professional auto body shop. Paintless dent repair (PDR) stands out as the most viable solution for hail damage.

Since hail damage is irregular and usually does not chip or harm the paint, you can opt for the faster and cheaper PDR treatment. PDR will remove any dents from the metal body without disturbing the vehicle’s finish. The time and cost will largely depend on the extent of hail damage suffered by the car. Generally, you can expect to pay somewhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Auto insurance usually covers hail damage, so you should check your policy and deductible to decide whether it is favorable for you to file an insurance claim.

How to Prevent Hail Damage?

Fortunately, in most states, hail damage is not noted on your car’s title. This means that you can expect a fair price when you resell your car, even after hail damage repair. However, you still need to prevent out-of-pocket repairs and insurance deductibles.

Since prevention is better than cure, during the stormy season, park your car in the garage or install a makeshift carport if you do not have a garage. You may even cover your car with a blanket if you are parked at another location.

Auto Body Shop

Hail damage repair isn’t necessarily costly, but the extent of the damage can amount to a significant sum. If you spot signs of hail damage on your vehicle, contact a professional auto body shop in Los Angeles to get an estimate.