With the summer season the extreme heat arrives as well. The heat can take a large toll on your vehicle and its performance. Therefore, just like during the cold winter months, it is important to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the hot summer months. The following are some things you should do for the vehicle to add a bit more protection and ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly during the summer season.

Air Conditioning

The first thing you should do is check to make sure your air conditioning is in good working order. If the air conditioner is blowing warmer air than usual, it should be checked. Be sure to inspect your air conditioning system so you will not get stuck in a heatwave with a broken air conditioning system.

Top Up the Coolant

During the summer months, your vehicle's engine is already hot, which results in the coolant having to work extra hard to ensure that the vehicle does not overheat. Be sure that your vehicle’s coolant system is properly checked out and flushed out if necessary. Do not open the radiator cap if the vehicle is still hot. You should wait at least an hour after the vehicle has stop before attempting to open the cap.

Protecting Your Car from the Heat

There are many products that can provide a protective layer to vinyl or leather surfaces. Keeping your vehicle shiny and clean during the summer months will reflect more of the sun’s rays away from your vehicle, while a dirty vehicle will absorb more heat. By adding a coat of wax to your vehicle when you wash it, will also help to protect your vehicle’s paint from the extreme heat.

Parking in the Shade

During the hot summer months, consider parking your vehicle in a location that can provide lots of shade, so the vehicle will not be exposed to the sun as much. A windshield sun shade should also be used, as it can help reduce the heat in your vehicle. Parking in the shade will not only protect your vehicle from the sun’s rays, but it will also make it more tolerable to enter your vehicle on those hot summer days.

Open the Vehicle’s Windows

Be sure not leave your children or pets inside a parked car during the hot summer months. If you do need to leave passengers in the vehicle, be sure to open up windows all the way.

Check the Vehicle’s Battery

Heat and vibrations are detrimental to your vehicle’s battery. While there is not much you can do about the heat, you can minimize or eliminate vibrations by securely tightening the battery under the hood of your vehicle. It’s also important to have your battery checked regularly.

Pressurize the Vehicle’s Tires Appropriately

If you are driving with under-inflated tires during the hot summer months, there is a greater chance of them causing damage to them. The extreme temperature causes the pressure of the tires to rise which can lead to overheating, affecting the braking, handling and the fuel economy of your vehicle.