The Importance of the Vehicle’s Windshield

When you get into your vehicle and sit behind the wheel, the last thing you think about is the glass of your vehicle. It is there but you do not really pay attention because you see through it to view the other and maybe more important things going on when you drive.

The Glass of Your Vehicle Is a Key Component in Your Safe Drive

Even if it does not get the recognition that the glass of your vehicle is an essential component for your safe drive, it deserves that. Here is why:

  1. The glass of your vehicle is very strong and takes a beating, protecting you from wind, dirt, dust, rocks, bugs, snow, ice, rain and so on.
  2. The glass of your vehicle is part of the structural integrity of your vehicle. Most people do not realize this but the windows of your vehicle are designed to help maintain the shape of your vehicle and to keep the roof from collapsing in on the occupants in the event of a collision.
  3. The glass of your vehicle is specially designed to be crumble instead of shatter in the event of a collision. Although this glass can still potentially cut you, it is designed so that it turns into tiny pebbles instead of dangerous, knife-like shards that can hurt.

The glass of your vehicle cares for you and protects you. Here is how to care for the glass of your vehicle:

  1. Keep your windows clean. Whenever you pull in to a gas station to fuel up, wash the outside of your windows. Dirty windows keep you from seeing properly and can create spots which can lead to collision. Be sure to wash the inside of your windows regularly, as well, because even dirty windows on the inside can keep you from seeing out easily, especially when it is sunny.
  2. When you see a crack or chip in your glass, get it repaired right away. Although these are small and seemingly harmless, your windows take such abuse all year round that those chips and cracks can spread. And the result is that the strength of your windshield is compromised and it does not provide the same level of strength that it once did.
  3. In the winter, make sure you completely clear the snow and ice off of each window. Many people only chip a small amount of snow or ice off of their windows but they leave most of their windows covered, turning their vehicles into giant blindspots. The glass of your vehicle is an important component in your safety during the drive. Take the time to care for the glass so you can stay safer on the road.

If you do get a chip, crack, broken window or any such kind of damage, bring your vehicle into the glass repair experts at Euro Collision Center. We will repair or replace your window quickly to restore the safety of your vehicle once again.