So you just had the dream paint job on your car done. You’re fairly happy with the results of the experience and like the new makeover of your car. However, besides feeling excited, you also need to be aware of the risks that your car can be susceptible to after a new paint job.

Don’t just go bonkers over the shining exterior, but follow the tips we mention in this article to take care of your car after a paint job. The job can only be marked completed once you have looked into these details.

Look for Flaws

The first thing you need to do after a paint job is to see if there were flaws in the process, or if there was anything that could have been done better. You’re paying for the job and deserve the best treatment possible from your paint shop in Los Angeles, California.

Some things you should consider during this inspection are:

  • Considering the color of the paint job on a bright sunny morning. You want to see if it matches with the old paint.
  • Checking up-close and from a distance. You might find some glaring errors through different positions.
  • Checking for overspray. Overspray can kill the original appeal of paint.
  • Running your hands over the car’s exterior and ensuring if the paint job has achieved the required smoothness. The paint job should achieve the smoothness you desire without having any uneven patches.

Avoid Construction Zones and Dirty Roads

Loose dirt and gravel present in and around dirty roads/construction zones can be a menace to manage at times. It might seem impossible to avoid them, but you should do all that you can to ensure that risks and any further damage are minimized altogether.

When you have had a fresh paint job done on your car, it can suffer greatly from the scrapes and chips that come with construction zones and dirty roads. The flying debris can leave lasting impressions, which damage the exterior freshness of the paint job. Try to avoid damaged roads, even if it means taking the longer route to work.

Limit Bird Droppings

Bird droppings act like anti-matter on fresh paint. If the droppings are made overnight, you are bound to see more permanent marks on the exterior. While you cannot control bird excretions, you surely can take care of the fresh paint by avoiding parking under trees or always parking your car in the garage and not in the alleyway. Parking under a tree might look aesthetic, but don’t be surprised when you wake up to tree sap and bird droppings on your car’s exterior surface.

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