When was the last time you visited an auto body shop? How did you behave around the staff and technicians inside the workshop? Were you meddling in their work and trying to dictate how the work should be done?

Technicians working at an auto body workshop have years of experience behind their back. Trust them with the work they do and follow these do’s and don’ts the next time you visit an auto body shop in Los Angeles, CA.

Things You Should Do

Focus on Effective Communication

There are two kinds of customers; those that communicate their requirements and others that leave these requirements to the professionals and end up objecting to the subjective choice of paint and body repairs.

If you are particular about how the process should be handled, it is best to step out of your zone and communicate your requirements. Believe us, no auto body shop will shun you for your preferences.

Have Realistic Expectations

Since auto body shops follow a customer centric business model, they operate on the principle of ‘customer is king’. However, even a king has to set their expectations and aims right. If you want your extensive list of auto body repairs managed in two hours, you probably need to revisit your expectations.

Auto body shops work on a first come, first serve basis and you have to patiently wait for your turn. Don’t act like a Karen, and respect the details that go into other cars as well.

Be Available

Ah, the horror stories we have of customers dropping their cars and vanishing for a week or two. An auto body shop is not a free parking space – don’t confuse it with one. Always be available once your repairs are done.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Be on the Technician’s Head

No, the technician working on your car is not a Bernie Madoff rip-off. Trust them with the work they do and give them the space they need. The more you crowd over them, the more uneasy they’re bound to feel.

Many technicians work best when they’re given their space. So, do communicate your needs and requirements with them, but don’t feel like you can do their job better than them.

Don’t Drop a Cluttered Vehicle

More often than not, your auto body workshop would have to access your car from the inside to finish their work. Cars that are reeking of pungent smells can be a menace for technicians and workers to manage. Have important documents and tech items removed as well, because the workshop is not responsible for the safety of the valuables present inside your car.

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